Ready to step up and make a real lasting impact for your body, mind and soul?

I provide an immediate solution for those with limited range of motion who are still very active and looking to find continued strength, balance and flexibility. 

I have been blessed in helping individuals for the last 22 years to keep limber, gain more confidence and improve their breath capacity.   Is your golf swing not as strong as it was, or maybe your tennis game isn't as powerful.  Has sciatica been flaring up?

As an experienced yoga instructor, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, energy intuitive, personal trainer, Feng Shui consultant/Interior Designer and marketing wiz. 

My offerings are for those who who might not have their own cheerleader to give them the encouragement to just get moving.  My classes are energizing or relaxing depending on the format you are searching for.  My workshops are fun and ready to encourage you to create more comfort and educate you about your body.

Available Products

Online Library of Classes (Peaceful Membership)

Access to over 100 classes in the library. 24/7 availability.  $20/mn 

BEGINNER - 7 Chakra Balancing for Empaths & HSPs

Empaths and HSP balancing of 7 Chakras.   Lifetime Access at $75

Yoga + Essential Oils

First step is to place your essential oils order.   Lifetime Access $75

At Home Sleep Retreat

Can't Sleep - I have the tools for you in under 90 minutes!

Chakra Master Class - Wait List

This Chakra Master Class Wait List for 2022.

Finding Peace

Finding Peace in under 30 minutes, available any time of the day. 

15 Minute Desk Stretch

Feeling sore in your shoulders and back from your desk chair or sofa?  Well let's get some movement to improve your posture and receive breath deeper as you gain length in your spine!

Happy Feet Workshop

Tired, achy feet or dealing with plantar fasciitis? 

My Products Available Products
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