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Thanks for wanting to join my yoga classes online for anytime of the day access.  If you are feeling the need to move around at whatever level you choose, this is your time to get going!  

If you are a snowbird who loves to attend my classes in person and now heading out to your other home or maybe you are a full time resident who is doing some travels, this is a way for you to keep moving!  

PLEASE NOTE ... this is an automatic recurring monthly payment.   So you can stick around for as long as you want doing these great classes at your own time frame. 

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Listen to this the first go around and you can "mark as complete" once you do.   

Don't mark any of the others "complete" so you can continue to view at your leisure!  

Have fun!   Be Safe in your environment and remember to SMILE!

Chair Yoga

Gentle Yoga (on the floor or in bed)

Modules for this product 8
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I agree to listen to my own body throughout these online classes.   Amy Stephens and Yoga Amy LLC are not responsible for my actions at my own home.  I have talked with my doctor and been given approval to participate in the classes in the privacy of my own home.

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